A-COM Electronics

μController applications

Temperature Data Logging

μLOG Portable Temperature D.L.

RFμLOG GPRS Temperature D.L.

μLOG-H %RH Add-On Sensor

RFbaseLOG Data Logging PC s/w

Compatible with HACCP

DTMF & GSM Remote Control

DTMF Control from Phone/PMR

Full Control via GSM/GPRS

4-8 Channels Relay Outputs

2-4 Channels Telereporting

"Call-2-Get" SMS Report

Tone Signalling for PMR

CCIR/ZVEI/Custom Selective Call

CTCSS Standard/Custom Tones

Rolling Sub-Audible Tone ID

Voice Inversion Scramblers

Dispatch Console & PC s/w

R&D Services - OEM Services

Research & Development of inovative industrial & scientifical applications

Custom design and manufacturing of OEM electronic modules

Technical Notes Forum (in Greek)

About A-COM Electronics

A-COM Electronics is engaged in electronic circuit technology since 1988, supporting customers in the industrial sector. With the embedded knowledge of microprocessors and any electronic component, we help in the creation of inovated products "from idea to production". We choose the right material for your application. We provide targeted cost effective solutions to upgrade your old designs. Some of our own designed applications are provided as sub-modules for integration into other manufacturers' systems.

Main designer at A-COM Electronics is George Vitantzakis (>35 years of design experience) who often collaborates with well-chosen external partners.

Our customer base and the designed applications cover a broad range of scientific and industrial entrepreneurship in Greece.

Contact us to arrange a technical meeting about your own specific application.



By the end of 2015 A-COM Electronics business stopped due to Capital Controls that were imposed in Greece creating serious problems to components procurement.

This web page exists for informative purposes.